About HSB and the Blend Master

Dan MacInnis is the owner and Blend Master at Highland Spice Blends (HSB).  He has worked in the food service for many years of his life. But he really enjoys cooking. 

Dan started cooking and creating new flavors when he was a young Boy Scout in Watertown, MA.  Dan achieved the rank of Eagle Scout in 1996 and continues to volunteer as an adult with the Boy Scouts of America.  He loves watching young men and women learn exciting new things. 


Highland Spice Blends was created when some of the larger seasoning companies stopped making some of Dan's favorite flavors.  But really it start with his love for PIZZA. 

Yup! Dan can eat pizza every day and never get tired.  He first perfected his All-Purpose Marinara Sauce Mix during college while managing two small town pizza restaurants.  The concept was to create a marinara seasoning that can be used for pasta, pizza or anything else you can think of.  For those who lived on a tight college budget too, the ability to stretch the $$ was the goal. 

Eventually Dan started making new seasonings or creating the seasonings and spices the larger companies stopped making. After using his recipes for volunteer cooking events (50-1000 people) friends urged Dan to bring them to the market.  In January 2021 HSB officially launched in Dallas, TX.  However, Mother Nature didn't want to make things easy.  The winter storm that traveled through North Texas destroyed the apartment and living area.  So, Dan moved to Michigan to his now Wife (But High School Best Friend) and mother to Matthew (Of Matthew's Delight).  After moving and reorganizing HSB re-launched in May 2021. 

Our Spice, Rubs and Seasonings and why are they special. 

Simply we know that you have a lot of options in this area.  So here are a few of our reasonings. 

1. We only make small batches to ensure quality. 

2. We do not add ingredients like Corn Starch, Anti-Caking Agents or other preservatives.  

3. We strive to keep the cost of the products down, but supply chains and certain herbs are a little high.  But our blends are designed to be used in multiple ways so you can help save a few $$. 

4. We want you to be happy with the purchase.  

Word from the Blend Master:

Thank you for visiting the Highland Spice Blends (HSB) page.  I hope you enjoy or try one of our many flavors with new items coming out ASAP.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at highland-spice-blends@outlook.com

Thank You,

Daniel MacInnis, Owner