What makes a Great Cookout.

Even as summer is near the end, grilling and smoking continues well into the Fall with sports and enjoyable weather. 

What makes a great cookout for me is seeing the happy faces of friends a family. I love to cook various items at one time and sharing the flavors with friends. 

One thing I learned over the years is variety. Make different items on the grill and even add smoked veggies or meat to the menu. 

Here is a recipe you can try with Highland Spice Blends. 

1) smoked potatoes - set the smoker at 225 degrees and use a fruit wood like apple or pecan. Smoke the potatoes coated with olive oil and HSB Coarse Garlic Salt for 2 hrs roughly. The outer skin will be tougher then baked potatoes. 

once done slice the potatoes into cubes and add them to the other veggies on the grill. I always make the potatoes a day or two before the big cookout. 

happy eating